Technology Status

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Areas of application

AI analysis of panorama video

Creation of a service platform that offers useful data to users via AI analysis of panorama videos

  • Panorama video production: Development of technologies using element technologies such as stitching, sync, and aligning.
  • Development of technologies that provide useful information to users using AI analysis of video and big data (deep learning and machine learning).
  • Development of AR/VA devices that can offer immersive experience via wireless connection using 5G millimeter waves.

Platform that can be commercialized

Sports broadcasting service

  • Viewing in the perspective of sports players
  • Analyzes the player’s movement with the filmed video, and the camera angle moves according to the direction of the eyes.
  • Black box videos can be made into contents, which can be applied to racing games, and so on

AR/VR smart factory

  • Improving productivity and competitiveness through innovation and smartification of manufacturing sites.
  • Integration of the entire process from product planning to sales.
  • Analysis and utilization of manufacturing data with minimal time and cost.
  • Customized production reflecting individual customer needs in real time.

Application in medical appliances

  • Complementing doctors’ medical services when conducting surgeries and medical treatment.
  • Information from video analysis is sent to doctors
  • Medical simulators and learning materials can be provided
  • Delicate surgeries can be performed by predicting values of outcome in comparison to orthopedic surgery plans.

Application in 5G module devices

  • Connected car, autonomous driving data usage: 4 TB/day
  • UHD Virtual Reality (VR)
  • Augmented Reality (AR)
  • Compatibility with Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Devices
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