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Quantum Eye

  • Smart phone,
    Tablet PC
  • PC
  • Console
Wireless UHD(Ultra High Definition) transmission (3840X2160)
  • Beam projector
  • Large-size
    UHD monitor
  • UHD
    Digital TV

Product characteristics

  • Wireless transmission of high resolution video signals in the millimeter wave range at more than 4Gbps
  • No-compression and no-loss transmission
  • UHD quality videos can be transferred in real time without delay
  • Excellent security by using ultra-wide band
  • Absolutely no interference with other electric appliances and electronic products.
  • Solving the general problem associated with environment and cost through wireless connection
  • Plug & play that solves the inconvenience associated with the basic settings or finding desired applications.
  • Convenient conversion to a large display
It provides standard Wi-Fi mirroring device and howat's Quantum Eye product standard, delay time, transmission speed and quality information.
Wi-Fi mirroring Distinction Quantum Eye
802.11 b/g/n Standard 802.11 ay
200ms Delay time 20ms
300Mbps Transmission speed 4Gbps
Full-HD(1920X1080) Image quality UHD(3840X2160)

Quantum Eye Module M4(UHD Module for B2B)

  • Non-compression, no-loss, and wireless transmission and reception of 4K 3840X2160 UHD video
  • Ultra-high-speed transmission of UHD video without delay
  • No interference with other electric appliances and electronic products.
  • Excellent security
business Part
  • Sound Bar
  • Craddle
  • Monitor + PC
  • Conference Call
  • Amp
  • Electronic blackboard
  • Projector
  • A.I Speaker
  • Car Mirroring
  • Game Tools

Quantum Eye Wireless Projector System

  • Playing smart devices (e.g. smart phone, PC, gaming device, and so on) on TV in UHD 4K quality
  • Rendering works done on smart devices on large screens
  • Provision of the sound that is more than 7.1 channel
  • UHD video transmission (3840x2160)
  • Real-time transmission of UHD quality video
  • Connection with smart devices such as smart phones
  • Projector function
Transmission unit
  • Conference system using smart devices
  • Easy to access individual data
  • Data leakage prevention
Receiver unit
  • Low energy consumption dongle design
  • Replacement of the conventional projector networks
  • No need for construction for cable structure

Quantum Eye A/V System: Home Theater System

  • Smooth playing of UHD video
  • Powerful sound effects through application of AMP
  • Built-in sound bar and woofer
  • Embedded video module design
  • Display and sound equipment: Possible to reflect customer needs through independent designing