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Operation system

  • Smart phone
    tablet PC
  • PC
  • Console
Wireless UHD(Ultra High Definition) transmission (3840X2160)
  • Beam projector
  • Large-size
    UHD monitor
  • UHD
    Digital TV
Provides information about baud rates, baud rates, baud rates, application services, video services, terminal information and possibilities.
Item Wi-Fi wireless LAN 5G units (millimeter waves) Remarks
5G mobile communication 60GHz
Frequency range 2.4~2.48GHz
3.5GHz/28GHz 57~64GHz
(flexible access common spectrum)
Development of infinite application possible
Transmission speed 600Mbps 20Gbps 4~7Gbps Performance improvement by more than 10 times
Communication distance Within 100m Increased communication distance when using a repeater 30m or less Increase communication distance when using a repeater
Application service Wireless Internet Wireless Internet, wireless HDMI, and wireless USB nfinite future application is possible such as wireless backbone network
Video service Compression Mirroring service (compression/non-compression) Non-compression High quality HD original transmission
Terminal equipment Desktop, laptop PDA Communication devices such as smart phones TV/set-top box, image electronics, laptops, and smart phones It can enable downsizing and reduction in power consumption.