About us

A global leader of ICT technological convergence, HOW@ Co., Ltd.

Technology R&D Center

The research and development center affiliated with HOW@ Co., Ltd. is leading new product development with continuous research and investment in technology.

Background and role of the foundation of the company-affiliated research and development center

  • Founded the HOW@ Technology R&D Center in 2009
  • Embedding communication equipment and software
  • Maximization of the R&D capacity through research and development of cutting-edge IT products through organic communication and support with the headquarters.

Expected outcome

  • New product development and increased sales through foundation of the company-affiliated research and development center.
  • A venture company active in innovative research and development
  • Implementation of software solutions in network devices targeting the embedded market
  • Creation of additional services and values and enhancement of competitiveness

Overview of R&D

A still object detection sensor

A system that overcomes limitations of the conventional human body detection sensor, detecting objects even in static conditions.

  • The sensor utilizes the infrared rays detected by the human body
  • The function of sensor : Comprised of power unit, sensor module, control unit, relay, and illuminance setting unit
  • The purpose of sensor : It detects presence of a human body in a static condition to control the external device, which can be applied as an energy-saving device.

Millimeter wave video equipment

A system that utilizes millimeter waves (60 GHz) to send and receive ultra-high-speed data.

  • Function : Millimeter wave transmitters, receivers, and video processing devices, HDMI control, RF control unit
  • Purpose : A system that overcomes inconvenience associated with the conventional cable-connected devices, enabling users to use videos whenever and wherever necessary.

Government-funded development project performance outcome

Number Program name
(supervising department/organization)
Project name Total period of development
(start-end date)
Total business expenses
(in KRW millions)
1 Ministry of Information and Communication Development and commercialization of 8k (full-uhd) optical communication devices and parallel optical automatic alignment devices sw 2020.03 ~ 2021.12
2 Ministry of SMEs and Startups Development of ultra-high speed and ultra-high definition mux system based on a wireless charging platform that integrates strategic mobile technologies. 2018.08 ~ 2019.12 230,870
3 Ministry of Information and Communication Development of gimbal-type remote control camera mount systems and software control systems 2014.04 ~ 2015.12 740,080
4 Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy Energy-saving human body detection sensors and modules 2008.09 ~ 2009.08 219,340
5 Ministry of Knowledge Economy
(former Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy)
Research on cable-connected and wireless network diagnosis and recovery solutions for USB/NETWORK DEVICES 2006.12 ~ 2008.09 346,800